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Psychosocial Trial Counselor

By psychosocial court support we mean a non-legal form of support during and after the main court proceedings in a criminal case. Councillors offer professional care, conveying of information and psychological support in criminal proceedings. Psychosocial councillors are specially trained and aim to reduce the individual stress for particularly vulnerable victims. They have the right to be present when the victim is being questioned. This should not be confused with the legal counsel provided by a lawyer.

Psychosocial councillors must have the right professional, personal and interdisciplinary qualifications. In terms of professional qualifications, the requirements are a degree in one of the areas Social Pedagogy, Social Work, Education or Psychology or vocational training in one of these areas as well as the completion of a state-recognised advanced training course as a psychosocial councillor. In addition, the psychosocial councillor must provide proof of professional experience in one of the necessary areas specified above.