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Lawyer of the Victim

Every victim of crime is entitled to legal counsel, but this is not mandatory.
This counsel can provide support from the beginning of the proceedings and has the right to be present during all hearings. He is also entitled to be present during the trial and can for example object to questions and demand the exclusion of the public. The victim has to bear the costs for its own lawyer. There are however some cases in which a lawyer is provided at the cost of the state or financial assistance is provided:

1. Anyone who is summoned to the court as a witness does not have legal counsel and is unable to protect his own rights and interests may, under certain circumstances, be provided with a lawyer at the cost of the public purse for the duration of the witness hearing.

2. Victims of particularly serious crimes, such as a homicide attempt or a sex crime, are provided with a lawyer at public expense regardless of their financial situation.

3. Victims entitled to private accessory prosecution can apply for legal aid. This requires that you are the victim of a certain crime that entitles to apply for private accessory prosecution. You will receive legal aid if you are unable to pay (in part or in full) your legal expenses due to your personal or financial circumstances. A furthermore requirement is that you are unable to pursue your own interests adequately without legal counsel or if that would be unreasonable for you.