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4 tips for victims of crime
Talk about what you have experienced:
If possible, speak with your family or good friends about what has happened to you. Sometimes it is difficult and stressful to talk about the crime. However, it may help you to confide in someone who is close to you. 
Seek professional help:
If you prefer to talk to someone outside the family or your circle of friends, take advantage of professional help. Should your situation deteriorate, please turn to your doctor or seek help from the nearest victim support organization. You can obtain more detailed information under the telephone number 116 006 or in the Internet at
Talk about your feelings:
Talk about how you feel after the crime committed against you. Sometimes it helps to explain to those close to you what has happened and what impact the offence has had on you. This will often make people around you react to your situation in a more understanding and sensitive manner. 
The good news:
The stress and strain you have suffered due to the crime will subside over time. In many cases, people who have fallen victim to a crime will recover after a certain period and return to their normal everyday life.