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Right of Information

It is very important for the victim of a crime to receive information about the procedure and the content of the criminal proceedings against the offender.
This information provides guidance to the victim and makes handling the proceedings easier. Informed victims are in a stronger position and will be able to better find their way through the ongoing proceedings. You will find a detailed description under your rights as a victim during Investigation.

Access to victim support organisations

The states are obliged by the EU-directive to grant access to victim support organisations free of charge. This has to be ensured for the time before, while and after the criminal proceedings.

The victim support organisations have to act in the interest of the victim and are bound to confidentiality.

A victim of a crime will be informed in an understandable language about victim support organisations in the vicinity of its place of residence.

The information will often be provided in the form of a brochure. Victim support organisations offer cost-free information and provide psychological, social and legal support services.

Victims will in particular receive emotional support. Many organisations focus on particular victim groups (e.g. children, women, men or victims of sexual abuse) in order to address the special needs of the victims. Also of importance is the assistance in dealing with the authorities.

Victim support organisations such as WEISSER RING will also provide short-term financial support in emergencies.

Translation assistance

The right to translation and interpretation was significantly expanded with the 3rd victim Law Reform Act. You will find detailed information under filing a complaintinvestigative proceedings, private accessory prosecution and the trial.